Login Area

In the shop log in area you can find all files and information related to sales easy for download and visualization.

In the press log in area you can find all files,media in high quality and information related to the different collections and the brand easy for download and visualization.

Frequent Asked Questions:

  • How to log in?
  1. To log in you have to go to the Shops or Press page using the menu on the top of the website (by keeping the mouse on top of the Login Area button you can see the options for Shops and Press appear under it and by clicking on one of them you will be directed to one of the two Login pages you chose.)
  2. You can also access the Shops or Press Login page by clicking on the links Go to Shops Log in Page or  Go to Press Log in Page .
  3. Enter the password you received from us on the blank  field (empty box) next to “Password:” and click on the  ”Submit” button.
  4. If you have completed all the steps correctly you should be logged in by now .
  • Where can I get the password?

The password to access the Shops and Press area can be obtained by sending a mail to INFO@TOMVANDERBORGHT.COM or:



On the mail you should mention which area you want to have access to and if possible also explain what you want to use the content for (example: if you are related to press in which magazine or blog the information will be used and what for).

  • How to access both areas?

To have access to the two areas (Shops & Press) you just have to mention it on the e-mail when you ask for your password.

  • Other questions?

In case you still have a question you can always contact us by e-mail.